History of Angel on a Leash

Do you call your dogs the “kids”?  Have you ever bought a car because it was the right size for your dogs?  Have you ever planned a vacation or a family outing so you can bring your dogs?  Guilty on all counts. 

Today we have dogs for companionship, spiritual and emotional connections.  It is scientifically proven that having a dog brings down our blood pressure and makes us calmer and stronger to tackle the world we live in.

Angel on a Leash was started originally by David Frei in Manhattan New York in 2004.  It was fashioned to be an organization that brought  trained therapy dogs to visit hospitals, schools, nursing homes and any facility that had a need to bring smiles and a healing power that only a dog can bring. 

After David moved back to Washington state, he officially closed Angel on a Leash.  David and Steven Kramer have known each other through therapy dog work and activities at Ronald McDonald House. When Steven heard David had dissolved the organization, he called David in Washington State and asked if we could bring it back to life?  David was thrilled.  David said, “I am so glad that it’s you”. 

Now Angel on a Leash is an organization made up of volunteer members/dogs. They visit various facilities to bring smiles and joy to children, students, older people and anyone who needs a little lift in their day.  When a dog wags their tail it is connected to their hearts.   

   David Frei and Angel

Angel on a Leash©

P.O. Box 247 

Richboro, PA  18954 



Mission Statement

           Angel on a Leash©, Inc. (AOAL), is a nonprofit organization that provides volunteer therapy dog handler teams (Champions) to visit  with anyone that would benefit from the human-canine bond in enhancing human health and quality of life. All handler-dog teams (Champions) are tested, certified, registered by AOAL. Additionally, during scheduled visits, our Champion teams are insured by AOAL.

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