* Indicates that they are currently serving on the Board of Directors

ABOUT Josephine DeAngelis – President*

Josephine and her Bulldog Lucy are advocates for reading appreciation in our community and the value and freedom it holds. They have quite the

following at local libraries and in her neighborhood. They hope to increase the joy of reading by engaging children to read to Lucy and their families.

They frequent book stores and garage sales to send books to her daughter who is an English teacher in Virginia and books are always their gift of choice. Although she has had many dogs as family members, she knew working from home would allow her more time to train a bulldog and feels very blessed to have Lucy. Together they have over 200 visits. Lucy and her stories can be found on Facebook and YouTube at Lucy’s Library.

The newest addition to her family is her rescue Tessa, an American bulldog mix. Tessa has become a therapy dog as well in 2021 and is quite the happy pup.

Josephine is retired from working in cardiac safety for clinical trials where she performed

critical analysis and presented to sites worldwide. She has instructed dance classes to children for 11 years both competitive and for enjoyment. When not working, she, Lucy and Tessa can be found in her garden with her husband Jerry.

For the past 5 years, Josephine and her dogs attend rally classes weekly at the Canine Academy.

As President her main goal is to bring members together so that we can

continue to bring the benefits of comfort and joy to our community.

ABOUT JoAnn Kirk –  Vice President & Merchandise Manager*

JoAnn had a love of dogs from a young age, introduced to English Setters from her father, she would tag along when he went pheasant hunting, watching this amazing breed work and their endurance.

JoAnn had rescued Golden Retrievers for many years but has gone back to the breed from her beginning, the English Setter. 

JoAnn is very active with English Setter rescue and has  positions on various rescue boards. She has been actively involved and a Board Member with an AKC Club. She is a past trainer and AKC Evaluator and hopes to soon be back to training. 

She has had many therapy dogs through the years and enjoys going to retirement centers to bring joy to the residents. it is wonderful when we come in and cheers and yells and hugs happen! 

ABOUT Cindy Kaeble - Treasurer*

Cindy Kaeble, CPDT-KA is an accountant by trade.  She is also a certified dog trainer specializing in Puppy Skills and Development as well as an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and a professional member of Association for Professional Dog Trainers.  She shares her passion as a dog trainer for developing a strong bond with our dogs!

Her love of training started while working with horses. While learning natural horsemanship methods, she quickly learned that when you observe their natural behavior and offer positive experiences, you are far more successful. This started her learning path to becoming certified in positive reinforcement dog training.

She loves her time volunteering as a Therapy Dog Handler. She and her partner, Annie, have been visiting since 2016 and have logged hundreds of visits. She is excited to be a part of Angel on a Leash™.

She lives in Yardley, PA with her husband, Rich. Her pack is rounded out with her Cockapoo, Karlee and her Brittany, Marlowe.

ABOUT Michelle Sparling - Secretary*

Michelle searched for a dog for many years.  Being allergic to most fur babies, she was thrilled to discover she was not allergic to the Portuguese Water Dog breed and welcomed Maverick to the family.  Being an active dog, Michelle knew Maverick needed a job to do and pursued therapy work.  Maverick became a therapy dog in September, 2019 and has been involved in children’s reading programs.  Michelle is eager for the pair to explore more therapy work opportunities.  In Maverick’s spare time, he enjoys visiting with all of his neighbors both human and dogs alike, going for long walks, jumping in big piles of leaves, romping through creeks and walking in the snow.

Michelle works for Networks for Training and Development, Inc., a training and consulting non-profit with strong ties to the disability community.

ABOUT Carole Davis – Membership Manager*

Carole has been in the Grooming Industry for over 44 years. She owned and operated the Grooming Shoppe in Bensalem for 33 years. Carole was also a groomer at Canine Academy in Penndel, Pa. Since she retired, she continues to work with dogs in daycare at Canine Academy. Carole is certified in Canine CPR and successfully saved a dog during a grooming session thanks to her training. Carole is a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.

Carole has been involved in many rescue organizations and was a long-time member of Philadelphia Sheltie Rescue and Brandywine Shetland Sheepdog Club. Carole has been working with her own Shelties for several years in Obedience, Rally, Fly Ball and Agility.

In addition to attending various classes over the years in all aspects of dog related issues including health, nutrition, grooming and training, Carole is involved with other dog clubs and dog activities, including managing membership for Angel on a Leash. Carole with Shelties Chloe and Murray have been Therapy dogs since 2013.

 ABOUT Ira Idelson – Website Manager

 Ira is a retired software engineer.  He now spends his time cycling (he puts more miles on his bicycle than on his car), helping AOAL with committees and website management, and making therapy visits with his 3 1/2 year old Standard Poodle, Thor.

 Thor was rescued at 1 year of age and even then he was very, calm.  It was then that Ira decided to train Thor as a therapy dog.  Thor was certified in October 2021 and has been a member of AOAL since then as well.

 Ira currently has 2 other rescued dogs as well; Chloe a 14 yr old Cockapoo and Mo, an 11 year old Miniature Poodle.

ABOUT Linda Weingard – Event Coordinator

Linda is a Registered Nurse and has worked at the American Red Cross for 35 years.

Linda is an avid animal lover. Over the years, her menagerie has included many reptiles, fish, spiders, rodents, birds, pot-belly pigs, cats and dogs. She currently has an African Grey parrot, a Sulcata tortoise, a Blue Tongue Skink, a Flemish Giant bunny, and a large Koi pond.

This crowd is rounded out with 3 dogs. Abby, who was deserted in the woods as a puppy. Torga is a Golden/Lab mix puppy that Linda is training to be a service dog for Canine Companions for Independence.

Linda and Phoebe, a Boxer/Pit mix are new to therapy work. They started their therapy work in 2019. Phoebe especially loves going to the elementary school and interacting with the children. Linda's grandchildren, Colin and Alyssa, love to help during Therapy dog training and testing. They are great "distracters".  Linda lives in Bensalem with her husband Jim.

ABOUT Linda Somers – Angel Wings
(Champion Team Mentor)

Linda has had a love of dogs her whole life. She has worked as an assistant trainer. For over 30 years Linda and her husband have had Dobermans. They really enjoy training them as they are very intelligent and love to work. Training included Agility which they enjoyed due to the fast course and Rally obedience to keep their focus on listening to commands.

Linda and her husband got Jack who became their second therapy dog. Jack was almost two when he passed the therapy test. He is now 4 1/2 and visits all his friends weekly at nursing and dementia facilities. Jack loves making the patients smile and enjoys his visits.

Mission Statement

 Angel on a LeashTM, Inc. (AOAL), is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides volunteer therapy dog handler teams (Champions) to visit with anyone that would benefit from the human-canine bond in enhancing human health and quality of life. All handler-dog teams (Champions) are tested, certified, and registered by AOAL.  Additionally, during scheduled visits, our Champion teams are insured by AOAL.  

Angel on a LeashTM

a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization     

13 Summit Square   #136   

Langhorne, PA 19047 



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